About Us

Exeter School of Tai Chi was started by Tom and Helen in 2007. The School teaches traditional Chen style Tai Chi, following the teachings of the head of the Chen Family, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, with whom we have been training since the year 2000. In recent years we have started to train regularly with his nephew (and Head Coach) Master Chen Ziqiang.

The School’s Chief Instructors, Tom & Helen, are highly experienced professionals who are both registered as Advanced Tai Chi Instructors with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Tom Collingridge (Chief Instructor)

Tom has been devoted to the practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1993, when his journey began aged 19.

In addition to Tai Chi, Tom qualified as an Instructor of the Japanese martial art Aikido, and has studied Wing Chun Kung Fu since 1992.  Tom now teaches both Chen Style Tai Chi and Wing Chun Kung Fu as his full-time occupation.

Helen Kingdon

Helen has been dedicated to Tai Chi practice since 1998.  In addition to Tai Chi Helen also studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for ten years and Aikido for five years.

Jess Cohen

Jess initially studied Chen Man Ching (Yang Style) for three years whilst living in London.   On moving to Devon in 2009 she decided to go back to the roots of Tai Chi and started learning Chen Style Tai Chi with the Exeter School of Tai Chi Chuan.  Jess looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm and enjoyment of Chen Style Tai Chi in her own classes.

The School

The School firmly believes in providing high quality teaching, and therefore the instructors continue to train diligently with leading Tai Chi masters and disciples from the UK and China, including Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, Master Chen Ziqiang, Karel & Eva Koskuba, and Ben Milton.

We have also had the privilege to meet and train with other Chen Family members, including Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing, Master Chen Bing and Master Chen Ying Jun.

Tai Chi is accessible and beneficial to everyone. In addition to our regular weekly classes, we teach diverse groups of people including elderly care home residents, people with disabilities and young people with behavioural problems.

We also offer private 1-2-1 tuition.