Welcome to the Exeter School of Tai Chi Chuan

The Exeter School of Tai Chi Chuan teaches Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Qi Gong, following the teachings of our Shigung and head of the Chen Family, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang.

Evening Classes are held in Exeter on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Daytime classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Exeter, Shillingford St George, Honiton and Sidmouth.  Please see our classes page for times and locations of all classes.

The School also provides extended monthly weekend workshops/ seminars to explore aspects of the Art in more detail.

We also cater for specialist groups; provide 121 training for individuals; provide corporate away days, demonstrations, and Tai Chi Holidays.

Tom and Helen (and fellow instructors) receiving Certification from Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang 2015

Tom and Helen receiving Certification from Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang 2014