Tai Chi for Beginners

New for 2018 – your first class will be free!

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New Tai Chi class in Exeter

Tom and Helen are delighted to announce a new day time class starting on Tuesday 9th January 2018; 10.00am-11.00am at the St Thomas Centre, Exeter.  Everyone welcome, beginners as well as experienced students.

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Monthly Tai Chi Workshop – October

Saturday 7th October – St Thomas Centre, Exeter EX2 9BQ

Laojia and Xinjia Form Practice
10.00am-1.00pm OR 10.00am-2.00pm

This workshop provides an opportunity to train for an extended period of time and focus in greater depth on the postures and choreography of Tai Chi form.

Chen Tai Chi Sword Forms

We continue to concentrate on the Chen Tai Chi Sword Forms;
both Sabre and Jian (Straight).

The Sabre form is a relatively short form, with just 22 patterns.  It will test and improve your body awareness and connection.  A great form for beginners!

The Straight Sword (Jian) Form is a longer sequence than the Sabre and is therefore a good progression route for those who already know the Sabre.  It’s equally suitable to learn as one’s first Tai Chi sword form.  The form is particularly elegant with long, fluid sweeping movements and large expansive postures. 

(We have spare swords available)

Morning Workshop:
3 hours – £25
4 hours – £30
Afternoon Workshop:
2 hours – £20

A discount of £5 will be given to those attending both workshops (6 hours).

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September 2017 – Holiday

Tom and Helen are away for two weeks. Their classes will resume w/c 18th September. Please check the calendar for details of Jess’s classes over the next two weeks.

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June – disruption to Crediton Classes

The Art Centre is not available to us for two weeks, so the schedule has changed as follows:

Thurs 15th June – class cancelled

Thurs 22nd June – change of venue to the St Boniface Centre, Crediton

Thurs 29th June – back to normal

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Thurs 4th May – Tai Chi with Jessica Cohen

Thursday 4th  May – due to the local elections, the class with Jess will be held at 10.00am at the St Thomas Pleasure Ground.

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More Classes in Crediton

We’re delighted to announce another class starting in Crediton on Thursday 4th May 2017. 6.30pm-7.45pm at the Arts Centre, East Street, Crediton EX17 3AX.  All welcome.  Please contact us for full details.  On street parking available nearby.

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New Class in Crediton

We are very pleased to announce that Exeter School of Tai Chi has taken over the running and teaching of an existing Tai Chi class in Crediton. This class has been running for the last six years, and was originally started by our good friend, Robert Byrnes.

Robert reluctantly decided to relinquish his teaching role, as he is embarking on an exciting new career, setting up a local Landscaping Business.

Existing Crediton students will benefit from continuing tuition in authentic Chen Style Taijiquan, which will be taught by Tom.

The Crediton class is held on Wednesdays 10.00am – 11.15am at The Old Town Hall, Searle Street, Crediton, everyone is welcome to attend!

Crediton people…please be aware that we offer a wide range of weekly day and evening Tai Chi Classes, Weekend Tai Chi Seminars, and even Tai Chi Holidays in the Sun! Welcome to our Tai Chi Family!

Tom Collingridge & Helen Kingdon

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An Interview with Master Chen Bing

Extracted from an interview with Chen Bing, conducted by China’s World Martial Arts Union and translated by Davidine Sim.
“From a personal point of view Taijiquan offers a means of growing into a more wholesome person. An individual’s training experience, hard practice, relentless perseverance and consistence cultivates the spirit and tempers the will.  The reward of acquiring gongfu and enlightenment through the sacrifice of toil, that “heaven rewards the diligent”.  The quan theories also teaches me the laws of nature and the universe. It enables me to better understand society, the world, the natural world, the universe, thus it enlightens and augments my mind and improves my wisdom.”

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Guidance for your Practice

(Reproduced from a “Chinese Whispers” Post on Facebook) 

It is easy for beginners of Taijiquan to exhibit two extremes: one extreme is to be stiff and inflexible, the other extreme is to be flaccid and weak. Neither of those conform to the essence of Taijiquan, in that movement and form are “light but not floating”, “heavy but not stiff”, fulfilling the underlying Taijiquan principle of duality, of equal display of softness and hardness; expounding the popular Taijiquan adage “mutual manifestation of pliant softness and heavy strength”.

Taijiquan cannot be achieved through envy or subterfuge. It takes its natural course, following the gradual order of Yin-Yang changes and the philosophy of the ”middle path”. The small dao enables a healthy body; the medium dao enables self-defence capabilities; the high dao disciplines the temperament and cultivates the moral character.

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