Monthly Tai Chi Workshop – October

Saturday 7th October – St Thomas Centre, Exeter EX2 9BQ

Laojia and Xinjia Form Practice
10.00am-1.00pm OR 10.00am-2.00pm

This workshop provides an opportunity to train for an extended period of time and focus in greater depth on the postures and choreography of Tai Chi form.

Chen Tai Chi Sword Forms

We continue to concentrate on the Chen Tai Chi Sword Forms;
both Sabre and Jian (Straight).

The Sabre form is a relatively short form, with just 22 patterns.  It will test and improve your body awareness and connection.  A great form for beginners!

The Straight Sword (Jian) Form is a longer sequence than the Sabre and is therefore a good progression route for those who already know the Sabre.  It’s equally suitable to learn as one’s first Tai Chi sword form.  The form is particularly elegant with long, fluid sweeping movements and large expansive postures. 

(We have spare swords available)

Morning Workshop:
3 hours – £25
4 hours – £30
Afternoon Workshop:
2 hours – £20

A discount of £5 will be given to those attending both workshops (6 hours).

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